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As soon as the notice of application was filed, the Mine Arnaud team decided to seek the involvement of surrounding residents and of the main stakeholders in the region, including the local Innu community, in an effort to develop the project in collaboration with the population. We believe the success of the Mine Arnaud project lies with the success of its integration in its host community.

To do so, Mine Arnaud presented a social integration and insertion plan for its mining project to the host community in the Sept-Îles region. Adoption of this plan is part of our sustainable development policy.

Mine Arnaud, which over the past few years has implemented a global process to inform, consult and seek the participation of its stakeholders, plans to continue with this approach for the duration of the project. This social integration and insertion plan attempts to provide answers to the concerns, expectations and other requests from the community, while fostering the involvement of the population in monitoring and oversight of the project.