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Investissement Québec: An important lever for economic development

Investissement Québec is a state-owned company whose mission is to promote investment growth in Québec, and contribute to economic development and job creation in all regions of the province. The Arnaud mining project falls within the framework of this mission.Ressources Québec is a subsidiary of Investissement Québec through which companies can invest in the mining and hydrocarbon sectors. It accompanies businesses through all phases of their project, from exploration to mining, to the processing and beneficiation of resources.



Yara: A world leader in fertilizers

Founded in 1905 in Norway, Yara offers a complete range of fertilizers (simple nitrogen fertilizers, compound fertilizers with or without micronutrients) marketed in more than 150 countries. It is the leading supplier of mineral fertilizers in the world, with an annual production of over 20 million tonnes.Yara is steadfast in its commitment to the best practices in sustainable development, and is equally renowned for its water treatment and industrial pollution prevention systems.