Mining the apatite deposit will diversify the local economy and create stable, well-paying jobs, while respecting the highest environmental standards, through the mining of a resource in consistent demand.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in investments

Mine Arnaud plans to invest more than $854 million for the planning, construction and operation of the mine.Workers in the region will collectively earn $30 million in wages and benefits annually, for the duration of the mining project.

Construction of the mine

• Investments: $854M

• Regional benefits: $196M

• Jobs: 1,000 workers needed over a period of two years

Once construction has been completed, the mine will need more than 300 permanent employees and will generate more than 425 indirect jobs, primarily among regional suppliers of the mining project.

Operation of the mine

•Annual budget: $140M

•Regional benefits: $90M

•Jobs: 300 direct jobs during the 28 years of operation

Priority to regional economic benefits

Mine Arnaud's values — Ambition, Confidence, Responsibility, Teamwork — influence its attitude and the way it does business, and have also shaped its goods and services procurement policy and the commercial partner code of conduct developed by Mine Arnaud.


Mine Arnaud is an active member of COMAX (Comité de maximisation des retombées locales des Sept-Rivières) whose mission is to maximize the regional economic benefits of all large companies in the MRC de Sept-Rivières by helping major ordering parties improve their competitiveness and creating optimal conditions for commercial relations between major clients and local suppliers.