Mine Arnaud wants to make its mining project a shining example through the use of environment-friendly practices and technologies, at every phase of the project. To this end, environmental issues have been taken into consideration directly from the onset.

Environmental monitoring programs

Our environmental monitoring programs will be implemented as soon as the construction phase begins. Air quality, noise, vibrations and water quality will namely be monitored.Other monitoring efforts will be added during the mining phase. The objective of these programs is to ensure compliance with applicable standards.

Site rehabilitation

Mine Arnaud will proceed with the rehabilitation of its mine site progressively, as the project evolves. Progressively replanting the area with indigenous species will make it possible to ensure vegetation takes hold before mining operations even come to an end. This rehabilitation program will begin as soon as the construction phase ends, so that certain areas affected by machinery traffic can be restored.

Controlling greenhouse gas emissions

Our facilities were namely designed to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The treatment process used by Mine Arnaud is largely powered by electricity, thus reducing GHG emissions. An annual statement of emissions will be submitted to the MDDELCC.

Environmental policy

Environmental awareness and the principles of sustainable development are part of the corporate culture at Investissement Québec and Yara International, the two partners behind Mine Arnaud. Accordingly, Mine Arnaud has adopted an environmental policy to confirm its commitments on this matter.p>